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Baton Rouge, Louisiana  

Pitching at TV Conferences Seminar

Bejing, China   Producing Animated Shorts
Cannes, France 2009   Quality of Indigenous Animation
Cannes, France 2010   Selling with Passion
Helsinki, Finland   The Thriving Artist
Honolulu, Hawaii   TV Power Pitch
Jerusalem, Israel   Turn Your Book into a Hit TV Show
London, England   What To Bring To A TV Pitch
Los Angeles, California   Your Resume Sucks!
McKinney, Texas    
Middlesbrough, UK    
Orlando, Florida   Professional Services
Seoul, Korea   Professional Screenplay Recording
Yerevan, Armenia   Budgeting and Scheduling Services
ZhengZhou, China   Distribution and Marketing Strategies
Disney Legends   Developing your Idea into a Screenplay
Chendgdu, China 2010   Screenplay Analysis
Pune, India 2010    
Thailand 2010    
Beijing, China 2010    
Hyderabad, India 2010    
Yerevan, Armenia 2010    

Baton Rouge, Louisiana 2010


Vancouver, Canada January 2011


Lyon, France March 2011