Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

Hourly or multi-hour fees and day rates vary based upon the type(s) of consulting services required by the client.  It all starts with a client’s preliminary call (407-808-5200) or e-mail (  My Director of Administrative Operations (Ro Healy) will respond with a return call or e-mail to gather information and to determine a consulting needs analysis.  Consulting services can be on a project basis, or on-going retainer depending upon client need and preference.  We will work together to establish a budget that meets financial objectives.

I’m worried that I can’t afford your services, how do you work with an individual or start-up company?

The important thing is the project.  I’m a big believer in “same side of the table” negotiation and aligning your goals involving creative execution, production value, film distribution, domestic and international box office profitability with my expertise in guiding you through the pitfalls of independent live-action and animated film production.  If I can show you how to invest a simple penny, and save nickels, dimes and quarters on needless costs and overpriced resources, it’ll be a cent well spent.

What follow-up do you provide?

On-site consultation service engagements offer the best on-going value, as I will be available for follow-up e-mail and telephone consultation at pre-agreed times and dates at no additional charge for one-year from the first consultation date or the conclusion of the project, whichever occurs first.

In the event the project stalls due to unforeseen circumstances, and the one-year anniversary date is reached, an extension of services fee will have been agreed upon at the time of the original consultative services agreement, and it may be activated to extend Max Howard Consulting Group’s involvement in the project(s).

On-going retainer agreements are available for all of the consulting services offered by Max Howard Consulting Group.  Retainer services are purchasable in blocks of hour(s) on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.  These services entitle the client access to any of Max Howard Consulting Group’s staff, during normal business hours, and at pre-agreed times/dates for e-mail, phone, teleconferencing, and Skype activities.

What forms of payment are acceptable?

Services originating and provided in the United States are paid in U.S. dollars via company or personal check or cashier’s check. Payment by credit card may be made via PayPal. Services contracted outside the United States may be paid in the equivalent of U.S. dollars using the local currency by company check or wire transfer, but special instructions are required to accept and complete these transactions.  Please contact my Director of Business Administration (Ro Healy) who will provide the necessary information to complete the transaction.

The important thing to me in accepting and retaining clients is to provide unquestioned value and a relationship providing both business acumen and long lasting friendships.