The Do's and Don'ts of Public Speaking

Terrified by the prospect of speaking in public or just want to hone your techniques? Max has made over one thousand speeches ranging from a few minutes to several days.  At workshops, seminars, press conferences. On TV, on-line seminars and even speaking through interpreters – he’s experienced it all and now has created a unique program drawing from this extensive public speaking background to help you in every aspect of getting up and speaking in public and doing it brilliantly.  

‘How to master the art of public speaking’. From writing a speech to how to use a microphone, Max will give you the tools to enthrall and entertain your audiences.  Offering breathing, stretching, vocal exercises, techniques on how to relax, physical actions to communicate a point, where and how to focus, how to effectively utilize your time, how to build effective PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, even ideas on creating more dynamic Question and Answer sessions and finally, how to relax and enjoy the whole experience.

This wonderful program will empower you to become a far more effective public speaker. You’ll never look back and will never be terrified again at speaking in a public forum.

Max giving a lecture