Tayah Howard

Tayah Howard, our newest member, has joined the family business so to speak! After 6 years living in the UK training and working in the theatre world as both an actress and producer, it was time to head back to Los Angeles and become a member of the production team. An internship with the Exodus Film Group some years ago, much experience coordinating voice recordings, and of course growing up surrounded by the animation world, instilled an urge in her to work in the film industry on a more permanent basis. 

She has had the privilege of working around the world, this detail, together with the skills acquired through a wide range of career experience, have made her a great communicator with people from all walks of life and a strong team player.

 As a travel enthusiast she is also the creator/ writer of the travel website: www.theoriginelsewhere.com.
She is very excited to be officially part of the team!