Your Resume Sucks!
Resume MYTHS Exposed

A presentation by Mark and Jeanne Simon authors of Your Resume Sucks! The Simons have
worked on over 3,000 TV and film productions as freelancers and they have reviewed thousands
of resumes. They will reveal secrets about resumes that no employer wants you to know.

• Discover How to Beat The Number One Screening Technique All Employers Use
• 3 Tips for Entry Level Job Seekers That Make You Look Like a Pro
• How the First Line of Your Resume Can Put You in the Top 1% Of Job Seekers
• Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes on Most Resumes
• Make Yourself The Right Person For The Job – Without Lying

“Just wanted to let you know that your form of resume has been great. I get a response to every
resume that I send to prospective employers.”
- Margot McDougal

The lecture is based on Simon’s book, Your Resume Sucks!
1 – 1.5 hours