TV Power Pitch Workshop

The best idea in the world won’t sell without a great pitch. Put your pitch skills to the test and get
expert feedback from pitch consultants, Mark and Jeanne Simon. Plus they’ll reveal…

• 5 of the Greatest TV Pitch Strategies of All Time
• How to Keep Your Idea from Being Stolen
• 3 Questions You MUST Be Able to Answer in a Pitch
• Mistakes that Broadcast You’re New or Nervous
• Interactive TV pitch practice
• Critique of attendee’s pitches
• Develop killer TV log lines and hooks

(Actual workshop contents depends on length of talk. Shorter talks do not have interactive elements.)
(If time permits…)

Practice your TV pitch and get experienced feedback before you’re sitting in front of a network executive.

Speakers include Mark Simon and Jeanne Simon, founders of and
producer for Nickelodeon, TNN, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet.

1 - 3 hours